It’s Never Too Early to Work With a Financial Advisor

Gen X, Y, Z, millennials, youths, or whatever the public may call you, there are a lot of opinions out there about your generation and your ability to reach natural milestones in your life, when, in reality, they don’t understand the daily struggles of the young adult.

After two recessions and a rollercoaster of events, like seriously…how many world altering milestones do we need to witness before the age of 40, you may be feeling as though your financial situation will prevent you from having the things you want in life. It may seem as though the deck is stacked against you with sky-high living costs, outrageous student debt, and a delay in finding the career path you deserve.

You may not consider yourself “wealthy” and think a financial advisor won’t want to work with you or that you need to wait until you’re rich to start working with a financial planner. The team at CWA is thrilled to let you in on a secret…. that’s a misconception. We’re also honored to be the ones to tell you that as a young professional you have the luxury of time on your side.

We can help.

And no, our team isn’t going to tell you to stop buying that Frappuccino every day, because that’s unrealistic and besides, a cup of coffee a day isn’t what’s preventing you from your goals.

Benefits of Being Young

  • Time is on your side
  • You can build better financial habits
  • You’re in the best place to take a leap
  • You can bounce back
  • You’ve learned from your parents’ mistakes
  • You’re educated

Working With a CWA Financial Advisor Can Help You

Understand Your Employer’s Benefits

Your employer’s 401(k) is just the starting point. A financial planner can also help you understand other employer benefits like your health insurance plan, health savings accounts, group life insurance and more.

Save For a Rainy Day

A financial planner can also help you manage your cash flow so that you can manage your finances better.

Manage Your Student Debt

A financial planner can help you develop a student loan repayment strategy and compare debt consolidation options.

Invest Wisely

A financial planner can help you determine how much risk is appropriate for you and help you understand your investments.

Own a Home

It’s important to save and plan for one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. A financial planner can help you prepare, understand your options and know how to develop a budget.

The CWA Difference

Working with a CWA Financial Advisor can help guide you through complicated financial decisions so you can have less stress, more confidence and more time to focus on your life and the things you enjoy, not your finances. Financial planning can help when you’re just starting your career, trying to pay bills, get out of debt and save for the future.

Our team will help you invest in yourself.

With advisors spanning generations from baby boomers to recent college grads, our team has a combined experience of over 150 years. Don’t worry, although some may remember the invention of the color TV, others remember fighting over the family’s shared computer and some never even got the opportunity to experience the joy of dial-up internet. The team of dedicated professionals at CWA perfectly blend decades of experience with today’s latest technology to set you up for success. Our team creates a partnership with you to develop sustainable, long-term financial planning and investment strategies centered around the investment planning, tax planning and protection planning you can start today to maximize your financial situation as you continue down the road of life, while still fitting your lifestyle.

At CWA our team understands that you love finding a great deal, but you’ll also splurge on those concert tickets to see your favorite band. We understand that you’ll eventually want to change careers, get married, have a kid, or retire; but you’d also like to go on that once in a lifetime trip next year. Our team can help you figure out how to do both without sacrificing either.

Our team will help you protect yourself. 

Our team recognizes that you’re well educated but may not be an expert in personal finance. It’s our team’s job to ensure your bases are covered, you ask the right questions and have the necessary information needed to make informed, proactive decisions. A CWA financial advisor can help you break free from bad money habits, preconceived notions and old-school advice, and will emphasize intentionality when addressing the link between your goals and the strategy that helps you accomplish them.

Our team can work with you to support, or elevate, your current lifestyle while planning for your mid- and long-term goals, ultimately helping you get your financial $h!t together, without compromising the things you love most.

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