Strategies Tailored for Women

More women of all generations are educating themselves and taking a very active, inquisitive and bold approach to their investments. Compared to men, most women view achieving their personal goals as being more important than investment performance. At Conte Wealth Advisors, we know that women prefer an emphasis on security, accuracy and privacy and have a higher appreciation for high-quality human interactions than most men. Our team also understands the importance of transparency and clarity when it comes to gaining your trust.

Investing is a great way for women to grow their income and savings, ultimately helping them achieve their long-term goals. Our team acknowledges that the financial industry was initially created by men, for men, and women can often feel overlooked in our industry. The advisors at CWA aim to empower their female clients and women alike by guiding them through the investing and financial planning processes and building their wealth to help them achieve their financial goals.

The CWA Difference

The CWA team not only has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your unique financial goals, but they also possess the intuitiveness and compassion to pave the way to your personal goals.

The advisors at CWA strive to demystify the world of investing by partnering with you, asking the right questions, providing a clear and detailed plan and answering any questions you may have along the way. Ultimately, our team gives you the highest quality experience you deserve.

According to a study by Fidelity Investments in 2021

  • 67% of women are now investing outside of retirement, up from 44% in 20181
  • 77% of women believe that if they had a financial advisor to help them invest, they’d be more confident about their financial future1
  • 71% said once they had set up a financial plan, they felt more confident1
  • 86% of women agree that having their investments managed by professionals makes life less stressful1
  • 7-in-10 women (69%) wish they had started investing their extra savings earlier1

Women who do these things feel more confident in their ability to save for future goals and make investment decisions to help their savings grow:

Invest Consistently

Select Diversified Investments

Take a Long-Term Approach

Start Early

Take Time to Learn

As a woman, you have a lot to think about financially.


Women typically tend to live longer than men, it’s important to try to fully fund your retirement savings to meet your lifestyle and health care expenses in the future.

Some important questions to ask are:

Will my money last through retirement?

Do I need long-term care insurance?

How do I manage all my retirement plans?

How could leaving the workforce to start a family impact my retirement savings?

What should I consider before claiming Social Security?

What should I do with my employer retirement plan?

Since I am retiring soon, what do I need to do now?

Education Planning

Whether you decide to go back to school yourself or need to pay for a child’s tuition, it’s pertinent you plan early!

Some questions to consider are:

How much should I save for my child’s education or if I decide to go back to school?

What are my education savings options?

Life Events

Don’t be among the group of women that delay life events because of finances. Know the financial consequences of your life event choices – and plan for them!

Some questions to consider are:

How do we manage our finances after getting married?

What happens to my 401(k) when I change jobs?

What are my options if I’m laid off?

I’m getting divorced. What happens to my assets?

How do I help a recent college grad transition into the workforce?

What do I do when a loved one dies?


You may be the likely caregiver to aging parents. If you take time off work, be sure to make up for any lost retirement savings.

Some questions to consider are:

How does Medicare work?

What should I consider when evaluating care facilities?

What happens if I have to care for my parents?

Estate Planning

Don’t make these important decisions in a crisis. Women who plan ahead financially have more choices.

Some questions to consider are:

What should I know about estate planning?

How do I protect my estate from taxes?

Will my family be secure if something happens to me?

How do I create a legacy for my children?

Can I provide for my favorite charity when I am gone?

What will my survivors need to know?

Financial Basics

Most women want to know more about investing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You don’t need to know a lot to make good financial decisions.

Some questions to consider are:

How do I keep my records safe and organized?

How do I do a better job budgeting?

How do I reduce my debt?

How do I teach my children about money?

How do I help a young adult establish a financial strategy?

How do I have financial discussions with my family?

1Information taken from study by Fidelity Investments looking at 5.2 million customer accounts between January 2011 and December 2020. The Fidelity Investments Women & Investing Study, 2021.

Information above courtesy of MFS, Neither MFS nor any of it’s subsidiaries are affiliated with Conte Wealth Advisors and Cambridge.