Serving Those Who Serve Us

As a government employee whether at the local, state or federal level, you are offered benefits that are often unique. However, understanding those benefits and building an effective financial plan around them can be challenging.

At CWA, we understand the challenges and opportunities you face as many of our team have either been a government employee or some cases, still are.  By having this firsthand understanding, we are able to help you maximize your benefits and create a tailored plan that is unique to your needs.

Areas That We Can Help Include:

  • Understanding and maximizing your employer sponsored retirement plan (i.e. Thrift Savings Plan, State Employees Retirement System, Public School Employee Retirement System, etc.)
  • Personal and Asset Protection to protect you from the unforeseen.
  • Family & Estate Planning
  • Education Savings

Who We Serve

First Responders


Local, State and Federal Employees