CWA Financial Advisor, Kate Martin, shares her twist on the famous “Christmas Crack” or “Christmas Mix” recipe. By adding in green elements, you can take this tasty treat up another notch in honor of everyone’s favorite Christmas “villain”, the Grinch! The added benefit of this recipe? You can make it in bulk for everyone to enjoy, and it’s so tasty you’ll be the talk of the town, or PTA!

From: Kate Martin

Total Time:  30 Minutes



8 cups Chex Cereal (wheat, rice, chocolate, corn, any flavor you desire)

24 oz vanilla candy melts

1 1/2 cups mini pretzels

1 cup green M&Ms

Green Sprinkles

Heart Sprinkles



Line a baking sheet with wax paper.

Pour Chex cereal and Pretzels on the baking sheet and spread them out so the wax paper is covered.

Melt the candy melts until the mixture is smooth.

Pour the mixture over the Chex cereal and Pretzels and mix. Use a spoon to make sure all the pieces are covered.

Add M&Ms to the top and mix.

Add your green sprinkles, heart sprinkles, and any additional green candies your heart desires.

Put sheet in the fridge until hardened.

Once hardened, crack/break the pieces apart and serve!


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