We found this easy recipe from Popsugar in 2021 for an easy and delicious treat to hand out at Downtown Camp Hill Association’s Candy Cane Walk. We even made a non-alcholic version to hand out. It was a huge hit with the members of our community. so much so, that we ran out of the ingredients twice! We promise this easy recipe will be as big of a hit with your guests as it was with ours.

Time: 5 Minutes



2 cups Vanilla Ice Cream (~4-5 scoops)

3/4 cup Eggnog

4 oz (2 shots) of Peppermint Vodka

2 tsps Ground Cinnamon

Whipped Cream

Peppermint Candy

Cinnamon Stick



In a blender, add your vanilla ice cream, eggnog, vodka and cinnamon

Blend until mixture is completely combined

Pour your milkshake into a glass

Top with whipped cream, peppermint candy and a cinnamon stick




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