CWA’s Season’s Greetings

As the holiday season dances its way into our lives once again, we find ourselves wrapped in the warmth of traditions, the joy of togetherness, and the spirit of giving. It’s that magical time of the year when we reflect on the journey we’ve shared and eagerly anticipate the festive moments that lie ahead. In the spirit of spreading cheer, we are thrilled to bring you the latest edition of our holiday newsletter, a delightful blend of cherished traditions and exciting updates from our bustling team.

Traditions That Bind Us:
In every household, there are special traditions that bring comfort and joy. Whether it’s the scent of freshly baked cookies, the glow of twinkling lights, or the laughter shared around a crackling fireplace, these timeless rituals weave a tapestry of memories that become the fabric of our holiday experience. We’ve gathered a collection of heartwarming stories from our CWA family, showcasing the diverse tapestry of traditions that make this season truly magical.

Our Family in the Spotlight:
Beyond the glittering ornaments and festive decorations, our newsletter is also a window into the world of Conte Wealth Advisors. In this edition, we’re excited to share glimpses of our collective achievements, milestones, and the remarkable endeavors that have defined our journey. From successful collaborations to personal triumphs, it’s a celebration of the people who make our family truly exceptional.

A Feast for the Senses:
This holiday newsletter is not just a read; it’s an experience. Immerse yourself in the colorful anecdotes, relive the shared moments, and savor the flavor of the season through our festive recipes and recommendations. From delectable treats to the perfect playlist for your holiday gatherings, we’ve curated a sensory feast that aims to make your holiday celebrations even more memorable.

Looking Ahead:
As we bid farewell to another incredible year, we’re filled with gratitude for the support and camaraderie that defines the CWA family. Looking ahead, we’re excited for the opportunities and adventures that the new year will bring. Together, let’s continue to embrace the spirit of collaboration, creativity, and community that makes the CWA family shine bright.

So, grab a cup of cocoa, settle into your favorite festive chair, and join us on this heartwarming journey through the pages of our holiday newsletter. From our family to yours, may your season be merry and bright!

Now That’s What We Call… A CWA Holiday!

We asked every member of their team to give us their top holiday songs. The ones that bring them joy and warm their soul with the holiday spirit and combined them into the CWA Holiday Playlist! Some songs are fun, some are classics, and others are just a great listen for your holiday spirit. We hope they bring you as much joy as they do us!

Scan the QR code below to get the playlist on your phone!

It’s Been Awhile, Let’s Catch Up!

The CWA & Millworks Experience

In early November a few clients joined members of our team at The Millworks in Harrisburg for an evening enjoying local art and cuisine. Tami Bitner, a local artist painted a beautiful abstract painting that includes the signatures of each attendee. Guests also enjoyed a beer tasting of The Millworks’ unique beers and learned about the brewery process. Check out the painting next time you’re in the Camp Hill office!

Women in Business Busting Barriers Hits NYC!

Lena Rizkallah hosted her annual Women in Business Busting Barriers panel in Manhattan at the end of September. Over 50 women and men in Manhattan spent the evening with Lena and fellow panelists at the Morningstar office hearing from four powerful women to discuss their stories, struggles, and successes.


6th Annual Movie Night

In July the CWA Central PA team hosted the 6th Annual Movie Night event! Clients gathered to watch Indiana Jones & The Dial of Destiny. A few CWA advisors came to visit for the occasion.

An Evening in Tuscany

Clients joined us at Cornerstone Coffeehouse in October for a cooking demonstration and class inspired by a Sunday evening in Tuscany. Attendees learned tips for crafting the perfect home cooked Italian meal.


Annual Revs Game

In August Brian Lauer and Patrick Barry hosted their annual Baseball Night event. Everyone gathered to watch the Revs take on the Barnstormers, kids played the Fruit Race, and we threw out the first pitch.

Guide to the Markets Dinner

Scott Wray hosted his clients at Salvatori’s Italian Restaurant for an economic and market update hosted by Russell Investments. His clients enjoyed an incredible meal while learning about Russell Investments’ research.

Kate Martin Joins CWA!

Kate Martin joined the CWA team in September of this year. Kate brings over 9 years of experience in the financial services industry. Kate’s journey began with a passion for helping individuals and families secure their financial futures. She has had the privilege of working alongside diverse clients to achieve their unique goals ever since. Passion is the driving force behind everything Kate does. Her dedication to her career is fueled by the genuine joy she derives from helping people succeed financially.  In her free time, you can catch Kate spending time with her family and their puppy, Loki. Kate also enjoys watching her kids play and participate in baseball and basketball.

CWA Advisors Connect at Ignite

The advisors of CWA hopped on a plane in September and jetted to Orlando, FL to attend Cambridge Investment Research’s Annual Ignite Conference. The advisors attended various workshops, breakout sessions, seminars and panels to learn about best practices, how to grow their business, products and how to best serve their clients. Some highlights included Lena Rizkallah sitting on the DEI panel, Christian Stearns hosting the ESG breakfast, and the advisors getting together to have a little fun as well!


Alycia Paulus Wins a Photo Contest!

CWA Director of Marketing and Communications, Alycia Paulus, won Second Place in the 2023 Pennsylvania Magazine Photo Contest. Her photo of Children’s Lake in Boiling Springs, PA, was selected in the Country Views category. The annual contest saw over 2,400 image submissions. Her photo was featured in the November/December 2023 edition of Pennsylvania Magazine.


CWA Named 2023 Harrisburg Magazine’s Simply The Best!

CWA has been named on Harrisburg Magazine’s Simply The Best Readers’ Poll for the 10th year in a row! For the year of 2023, we have been honored to be named Harrisburg Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Investment Company and Financial Planning Company! Thank you to everyone that makes us love what we do every day. We’re proud to be your financial advisors.

CWA Holiday Foodie Favorites

Get into the holiday spirit with our team’s favorite holiday treats! A few highlights include Hello Dolly Cookie Bars, Grinch Mix, Millionaire’s Shortbread, Heaven on Earth Cake, Cookie Dough Oreo Brownies, Grandma Jean’s Horn Cookies, and Bobby’s Chewy Ginger Bread Cookies!

Holiday DIYs

The colder weather gives us the perfect excuse to stay indoors and work on some holiday decor to welcome the most wonderful time of the year into your home with open arms. This list from Better Homes & Gardens features simple DIYs ranging from the traditional wreaths and ornaments to new and exciting projects like a citrus garden and fun advent calendar.

Holiday Cocktails With Advisors & Our Team

Our team has compiled their favorite holiday cocktails to enjoy all winter long! A few of our favorite cocktails include: Grinch Hot Cocoa, a Maple Old Fashioned, Boozy Peppermint Eggnog Milkshakes, Spiced Cider, Coquito, and more!

Hanukkah DIYs

Prepare your home for Hanukkah celebrations with these elegant crafts from Better Homes & Gardens for the season! These easy Hanukkah decorations spanning from a modern menorahs and tablesettings, to homemade Hanukkah giftwrap will have you ready for any celebration this season!

Keeping a Christmas Tree Alive

The adventure of going to a local farm or tree stand to pick up a fragrant tree brings joy to many. How long your Christmas tree lasts depends on how well you take care of it. You can tell you’re doing it right if the tree doesn’t shed its needles or bow under the weight of your ornaments. View this list from Better Homes & Gardens that shares pro tips for the best possible results.

Honoring Loved Ones Lost

As the festive season unfolds, we acknowledge the bittersweet reality that the holidays can be challenging without our loved ones by our side. In 2022, CWA Financial Advisor and Director of Strategy, Jennifer DeNapoli, created this simple, yet heartfelt tradition as a beacon of remembrance for her late father.

On Christmas Eve when her whole family is gathered, she lays out a few colorful taper candles on the table and asks everyone to choose a candle. She starts by lighting her mother’s candle, asking her to wish her late father a Merry Christmas and then light family member next to her’s candle, who would then also wish him a Merry Christmas and go on to light the candle of the family member next to them, and so on and so forth.

As an added way to remember your lost loved one all evening long, place the candles in a candelabra and keep them burning throughout the evening. This tradition helps to weave a lost loved one’s spirit into the fabric of our celebrations, casting a warm glow on the love that transcends time and space and is an easy way to remember their spirit is always with you.

Hanukkah Donut Decorating

Hanukkah is a time for family, tradition, and, of course, indulging in delicious treats. Elevate your festive celebrations by turning donut decorating into a delightful family activity that everyone can enjoy. Gather your loved ones around the kitchen table, armed with a variety of colorful icings and sprinkles, ready to transform ordinary donuts into edible works of art.

Encourage creativity by setting up a donut decorating station with an array of toppings that represent the vibrant hues of Hanukkah, such as blue and white icings and festive sprinkles. Let each family member express their unique style as they craft their own personalized sufganiyot, adding a dash of excitement to the holiday season.

Make it a friendly competition by voting on the most creative donut masterpiece, or collaborate on a family-themed design that showcases the spirit of Hanukkah. As the sweet aroma of freshly decorated donuts fills the air, relish in the joy of creating delicious memories that will be cherished for years to come. Happy decorating and Happy Hanukkah!

A Chosen Family Festivus

CWA Director of Marketing and Communications, Alycia Paulus, shares the yearly tradition in her home, Friendsgiving by Christmas-fied. This tradition dates back a few years and has become a holiday evening her chosen loved ones look forward to each year, a hallmark of the reason for the season for many.

In her home Christmas Eve is the night for friends who feel more like family and Christmas Day is for the not-chosen loved ones. Each year, close family friends gather to deck the halls, exchange goofy gifts, and feast on treats and appetizers that never stop flowing.

These friends-turned-family bring a special kind of magic to the holiday season, turning an ordinary night into a cherished memory. It’s a simple tradition, but it fills our hearts with joy and reminds us that the best part of Christmas is being surrounded by the people we love, no matter where they come from.

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