Investment Planning

CWA brings individual attention to defining your financial goals and choosing the right path that delivers the greatest comfort and return.  Our team of highly educated advisors will assess your risk tolerance, understand your investment goals, and devise and manage an investment portfolio that meets the needs of you, your family, or your business.  We provide monitoring, review, changes, and adjustments as conditions in your life and in the world change.

Do you have a clear picture of your investment criteria?

  • What are my specific investment goals?
  • When will I need my money?
  • How much can I invest? Am I investing a lump sum, monthly contributions or both?
  • How much am I willing to risk? Am I prepared to lose some, or even all, of the money I am investing?
  • Do I want a return in the form of income or capital growth, or both?
  • Can I afford to keep my money in a bank or do I have to take some risk in order to reach my lifestyle and legacy goals?

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