Cold summer orange lemonade with mint


CWA Financial Advisor, Brian Lauer shares his go-to for a warm spring and summer evening with friends by the fire pit.

From: Brian Lauer

Prep Time: 2 Minutes



4 Oranges (1 cup of fresh juice)

4 oz. orange-flavored vodka

2 oz. triple sec or other orange-flavored liquor

Lemon-Lime or Orange Soda

Orange slices for garnish



Juice the oranges to yield about 1 cup of orange juice.

Strain the juice to remove any pulp, if you like.

Add cubed or crushed ice to 2 pint glasses.

Divide the vodka, triple sec, and orange juice evenly between the glasses.

Top each drink with a splash of lemon-lime orange soda.

Tuck an orange slice into each glass, if you like.



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