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Into the Noir with Anthony M. Conte

Finding a company whose product your kid likes is a great way to start teaching them about investing

June 24, 2013  |  by Anthony M. Conte

Teaching your kid about investing and the markets can be easier than empting a bar by yelling “fire.”…

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Some on advice on handling bull and bear markets

April 22, 2013  |  by Anthony M. Conte

In this world of gangsters and mob men, dirty cops and crooked politicians, when you’re down your down,…

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Don’t rely on luck and gamble on your future

December 27, 2012  |  by Anthony M. Conte

“They got the wrong guy, you know that, man?” Lenny stam­mered. He didn’t know me, but I knew…

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Gambling on market’s future? You might lose chips

November 13, 2012  |  by Anthony M. Conte

I can see Lenny from here as he paws his way around this dark, dank catacomb. His face is…

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Our lawmakers might hurl us off financial cliff

October 16, 2012  |  by Anthony M. Conte

Have you ever been thrown off a build­ing? Probably not, but I can tell you from experience, it’s…

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Aim before you pull retirement trigger

September 25, 2012  |  by Anthony M. Conte

Now where were we? That’s right, last month we heard how mob boss Jack Marlone wants to retire…

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Wise guys’ rules to retire by

August 28, 2012  |  by Anthony M. Conte

Jack Marlone is a guy you’d be better off not knowing. He’s Uncle Jackie to his friends, but…

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Wait, watch and then make your move

July 3, 2012  |  by Anthony M. Conte

What a wise guy won’t tell you about trading is that it isn’t much different from a stakeout; you…

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